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Venture Leadership Support

E-IQ also provide ongoing founder and venture management support throughout the investment lifecycle. This ensures that investors and Startups can optimise management performance and business results continuously.

Venture Leadership Coaching

Our Venture Performance Coaching is highly targeted to meet the specific performance needs of venture founders and management teams.

We achieve this by aligning entrepreneurial performance needs with the strategic needs of the company at different stages of the growth cycle. This gives investors and Startups a high impact solution to help maximise management and business performance at every stage.

Our coaches are all trained in entrepreneurial performance analysis and have held senior company leadership roles.


“The coaching had a huge impact both on my own performance and that of my leadership team. It gave us so much clarity and structure which we desperately needed!”

Joakim Valsinger, Balans Tech

Benefits of coaching

Venture Leadership Training

Our Venture Leadership Training enables venture leaders to quickly build their individual and team skills to increase their effectiveness back in the workplace. Learning focuses around the Entrepreneur IQ 10 Essential Talents of Successful Entrepreneurship. Learning takes place via flexible training workshops which can be delivered either in-house or externally to suit the individual needs of each business.

How we can help

Our personalised venture leadership support helps to optimise:

Personal performance and results
Strategic planning and target setting
Team cohesion and effectiveness
Skills and talent development

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