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We work closely with investors, entrepreneurs and organisations alike to help them identify and build the entrepreneurial talent they need. Our approach is based on over 10 years of core research into the psychology of entrepreneurial behaviour and new venture team dynamics. Our models are based on research into over 10,000 successful entrepreneurs which gives us a deep understanding of the talents, behaviours and psychological traits required for successful entrepreneurship.

How we work

Measuring Entrepreneurial Talent

The 10 Behavioural Talents of Successful Entrepreneurship

The scientific approach to studying Entrepreneurship shows that specific behaviours and talents are consistently associated with strong entrepreneurial ability.

Entrepreneurial performance indicators have been measured across a population of over 10,000 successful entrepreneurs. From this extensive research 10 innate talents are now identifiable as being strong predictors of successful entrepreneurial ability.

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Entrepreneurial Talents

Our Talent Analysis Process

Talent Analysis

The E-IQ process is robust and empirically-based to ensure the accuracy of the data and recommendations we supply. In addition to reliable and validated psychometrics our process is strengthened even further with face-to-face interviews with one of our qualified Entrepreneur Performance Psychologists.

Our Unique Methodology

Talent Evaluation

Our core analysis methodology involves 5 key steps. Each step is underpinned by empirical research into entrepreneurship and personality typology. This enables a unique depth of analysis to be achieved and a strong validation of the data provided.

Entrepreneurial Talent Analysis

The E-IQ1 Entrepreneurial Styles Inventory™

The E-IQ1 Entrepreneurial Styles Inventory™ is a unique psychometric profiling instrument. It measures entrepreneurial capability across the 10 behavioural talents of successful entrepreneurship.

This provides entrepreneurs and other stakeholders with clear indications as to individual and team a) talent strengths, b) operational styles, and c) talent development areas.

Personality Type Analysis

The E-IQ2 Professional Styles Inventory™

The E-IQ2 Professional Styles Inventory™ is another psychometric profiling instrument which compliments the E-IQ1 ESI by identifying the personality and professional characteristics relevant to successful workplace performance. These characteristics and behavioural styles play a critical role in shaping an entrepreneur’s ability.

The E-IQ2 PSI™ has been developed in line with core Personality Type Theory research by Carl Gustav Yung and David Keirsey amongst others.

The E-IQ2 PSI™ is an invaluable instrument in helping to further identify team compatibility and effectiveness.