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Talent Analysis
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Do the people you’re investing in have the right skillset and talent to bring about your investment’s success?

Understanding the business-building capabilities of those you’re investing in lies at the very core of astute venture investment. At Entrepreneur IQ we provide end-to-end evaluation and performance support to help private equity, venture capital and angel investors maximise the performance of their venture investments.

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The New Venture Talent Challenge

It’s now accepted that the main cause of under-performance and new venture failure is a lack of leadership and management talent. Other causes are cited but almost all are by-products of the leadership’s inability to generate the right conditions for their business’ development and sustainability.

However, accurately assessing the business-building capabilities of venture founders, teams and incoming leadership is not easy.


of Invested Startups Fail to Return Capital

(Harvard Business School)

of Invested Startups Fail due to Self-Destruction

(Startup Genome Project)

Standard management due diligence falls short of providing highly specific talent analysis relevant to new venture success. And historical personal performance is no guarantee of an individual’s ability to be successful in the future where business resources and conditions may be very different. This truism is discovered all too frequently by investors with high expectations based strong track records.

In addition, Founders and management teams today often come across as professional and convincing especially if they’ve come from corporate backgrounds. This often only adds to the challenge of accurately assessing real entrepreneurial and business-building talent.

Entrepreneurial Talent Analysis

Not every individual has the ability to successfully commercialise business ideas. Through our evaluations we tell investors who’s got the right underlying talents, and if needed, where valuable performance support would bring most benefit.

Our analysis is indepth and scrutinises the business-building capabilities of venture founders and management teams. This focuses on a range of specific skills, talents and personality traits which are commonly associated with successful venture commercialisation.

Our analysis reports on 5 key areas:

Entrepreneurial Talents
Entrepreneurial Styles
Personality Traits
Venture Leadership Capability

Team Talent Analysis

In addition to individual analysis we also help investors assess the entrepreneurial talents and skills of venture teams. This allows them to:

  • Accurately align team talent
  • Accurately identify team skills gaps
  • Accurately assess additional hiring needs

Team cohesion and effectiveness are critical to new venture success.

Venture Leadership Support

In addition to talent evaluation we also provide leadership performance support in the form of Venture Leadership Coaching and Training Solutions. This helps investors maximise the performance of their investments throughout the business life-cycle.

All solutions are bespoke and align the performance needs of leadership with the growth requirements of the business.


Our Value to You

Investors benefit from our in-depth evaluations in the following ways:

52-page Individual Entrepreneurial Talent Profile Report
16-page Team Entrepreneurial Talent Profile Report
Improved venture talent assessment and selection
Reduced risk of human capital failure
Reduced leadership turnover and associated costs
In-depth roadmap for post-investment leadership support

With the right people on board and aligned in the right way investors can immeasurably increase the likelihood of ventures reaching their commercial goals.

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