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Understanding your entrepreneurial capabilities, strengths and blind spots is the first step to developing your entrepreneurial talent. At Entrepreneur IQ we evaluate and provide talent development support to help entrepreneurs and Startups achieve greater success.


Showing Entrepreneurs the way to success

We advocate entrepreneurialism as a life skill, one that anyone can learn in order to create a better reality for both themselves, their business, the initiatives they support and even humanity itself.

If you want to be more, want to learn more, earn more and contribute more, we can and will help you achieve your full entrepreneurial potential, as measured in our ten entrepreneurial core talents and competencies.

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For Individuals and Teams

Our Entrepreneurial evaluation offers both Solopreneurs and Start-up teams the opportunity to assess and understand their strengths and weaknesses, making it an invaluable tool for professional and team development. These evaluations enable your Start-up to:

Accurately identify relevant team skills gaps
Accurately align team business-building talents to tasks and roles
Accurately assess additional hiring needs

Team cohesion and effectiveness are key to new venture success.

Our Entrepreneurial Talent Analysis Process

Our entrepreneurial talent analysis process is robust and empirically-based to ensure the accuracy of the data we provide. Our process is:

1: Psychometric Assessment

First take our E-IQ1 Entrepreneurial Styles Inventory™ Psychometric Assessment. This highly validated and reliable psychometric digs deep into your entrepreneurial talents and capabilities giving you accurate assessments around your strengths and development opportunities. It focuses on the 10 innate talents of successful entrepreneurship and with approximately 140 questions takes only 40 mins to complete. That’s your part done!

2: Professional Data Analysis

The second stage is that your anonymous data is then analysed by one of our qualified performance psychologists. This hands-on expert analysis significantly increases the quality of the information provided.

3: In-depth Entrepreneurial Talent Report

The third stage is for your individual results to be collated along with your personalised development guidelines which is then dispatched to you electronically as your Entrepreneur Talent Profile report.

The 10 Innate Talents of Successful Entrepreneurship

Based on extensive research into the behavioural aspects of entrepreneurship, these talents are the strongest predictors of successful entrepreneurial performance, venture creation and growth.

Assessing your strengths and areas of opportunity in terms of these 10 talents forms a fundamental element of our psychometric profiling techniques.


What you get

26 page personalised Entrepreneurial Talent Profile Report, which includes:

Detailed information about the 10 innate talents of successful entrepreneurship
The business impact of each talent area
Personalised strengths and blind spots around the 10 innate talents
Detailed development guidelines for you to implement to transform your entrepreneurial talent
Personal talent profile

Any questions?

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"The data, analytics and guidelines have been a revelation in helping us work as a real team and achieve the traction we knew the business was capable of."

Jeremy Dawson

"It's given me an invaluable personalised framework around what I need to do to make my business a success!"

Denise Hastings