Entrepreneur IQ is a team of performance psychologists specialising in entrepreneur behavioural psychology and talent development. We assess and develop the behaviours, talents, personality traits and working styles relevant to entrepreneurial achievement.

About Entrepreneur IQ


Alistair Rutherford

Alistair Rutherford

Alistair is an accomplished executive coach and business leader. Having built and sold a successful food manufacturing business, he turned his focus to professional development and organisational performance.

Alistair has an MSc in Performance Psychology from the University of Edinburgh and a BSc in Sports Science from Cardiff University, as well as a range of industry facing qualifications in human development. His understanding of core business challenges combined with his insight and knowledge around human performance gives him a skill set for inspiring and instilling dynamic change at individual, team and organisational levels.

David Stephens

David Stephens

David has built a highly accomplished and award-winning career as an entrepreneur – launching and growing multiple enterprises, across the Retail, Marketing and Logistics industries.

David has an MSc in Performance Psychology from the University of Edinburgh together with a BSc in Management Information Systems from Leeds University, as well as several business coaching and mentoring qualifications. His  experience in personal and team evaluation and development, coupled with a strong background rooted in identifying and supporting business objectives, has equipped him with an ideal skillset for providing clear and quantitative insights that inspire improved performance.

In the past, I’ve largely relied on gut-feel when trying to assess the individuals behind the business, EIQ’s analysis gave me an invaluable new level of insight into making these decisions and how I could best support the company post-investment.

Caspian Woods, Private Investor